By Spindle on November 8, 2012

After initially walking in on the wrong photo shoot down the corridor, I eventually found my place in the delectable dining room of The House Of Wolf. Alexander Vlahos, the new dude from Merlin, had taken time out from castle drama and chain mail disguise to share a packet of Fizzy Haribo with me. A mystery was set upon us straight away however…why were there ear plugs and sleep masks politely lined up with the cutlery family? It took intense Jenga-like focus and inquiries to find out that the venue host food tasting evenings that play with the senses. But enough of our Scooby Doo’ing, time to ask Alexander about his flavoursome career to date.

So how did acting become ‘the thing’?

Initially I wanted to work in post-production, as I had a desire to do everything behind the scenes. I LOVED the Jackass films; when I was young I’d get my Dad’s video camera and do the craziest stunts. But I realised that an editor’s job can be quite boring and for me, I couldn’t touch any of the important buttons at placements because they were too expensive. So my Drama teacher at school basically did my UCAS application for me. I had no clue about acting and when I found out 3,000 people applied for a class of 20, it blew my mind. I put all my eggs in one basket, but it worked.

On the topic of ‘actors in the UCAS making,’ I embarked on a rant about my fear of kids who have the personality and confidence that mimics an established adult. (Only Honey Boo Boo Child and The Olsen Twins are given the exception sticker.)

Either they’ve landed on their feet or they’re incredibly hard working and they tell you about it. I’m quite humbled by where I’m at, blessed even. A lot of actors have to do bartending between jobs and luckily I skipped that.читать дальше

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